Meet Our Team



Angela Alveal
Dental Assistant

Angie has worked as a dental assistant for about 10 years. She is happily married and has one daughter and two sons. Angie enjoys spending time with family, BBQ's, walking her dog, and going to the park. She also bakes great oatmeal cookies. Angie and her family currently reside in Anaheim.

Susan Yearwood 

Susi has been involved in dentistry for many years, as her father was a dentist. Susi’s family includes her son Armando, who recently graduated from UCI, and her daughter Drew, who is currently a senior in high school. In her spare time, Susi enjoys tending to her garden, where she is growing tomatoes, zucchini, berries, and grapes. Susi, her family, and their many pets currently reside in Ladera Ranch.

Danna Kim 

Danna is very involved in humanitarian work and frequently travels to Third World countries to provide dental care. Danna has a son, Wei, and a daughter, Xian, both of whom are currently in college. In her spare time, Danna enjoys hiking in the mountains and being close to nature. Danna and her family currently reside on their ranch in Colton.



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