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Newport Beach Dentist - Chi Tran Law, DMD - Bayside Dental Arts A true Orange County citizen, Dr. Law had her humble beginnings start in the town of Tustin.  Attending elementary through high school there, she moved on to achieve her undergraduate degree from UCLA in Biology.  From there, she was afforded the unique opportunity to earn her D.M.D. from the well-renowned Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts.  For those who don't know, the D.M.D. is the equivalent to a D.D.S. the D.M.D. is the degree conveyed from many East Coast dental schools, while the D.D.S. is the degree conveyed from most West Coast dental schools. 

She has been involved with dentistry for over 10 years, practicing professionally in Orange County since 2003.  The consummate professional, Dr. Law has received many compliments from her patients regarding her thoroughness in treatment while maintaining a comfortable and gentle experience.  Her ability to put patients at ease and eliminating the pain normally associated with dental treatment has earned her a loyal following with a high number of personal referrals.

Personally, Dr. Law celebrates 10 years of marriage to her husband Linus, who is also the Operations Manager for the practice.  She has 2 children, Alexandra who is 4, and Tyler who almost 2.  While her children remain her #1 passion, she loves to travel, learn about other cultures, and is a true aficionado of food and cuisine.




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