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For us, a visit to our dentist, Dr. Chi Tran Law, is the most pleasant occasion. Dr. Law is most competent, and she is always kind and caring of us as she keeps our teeth in excellent condition. The friendly office staff makes us feel most welcome as does the atrium with the beautiful blooming fuchsia and visiting hummingbirds flipping about. We definitely recommend Dr. Chi Tran Law, a perfect dentist and one so easy to have access to in the Westcliff area!

Daniel C. and Peggy C.

Dr. Law and her friendly staff always make me feel welcome when I come to the office. Dr. Law is the most gentle dentist I have ever been to. She’s so gentle that I didn’t even feel the needle when she gave me a shot. I was so relaxed I actually fell asleep in the chair while she was working on me. Dr. Law does outstanding work and she’s definitely the best dentist that I have ever been to.

Scott D.

I had such a great experience at the office of Chi Law with her amazing work and helpful staff. I'll definitely be back and will recommend her office to all my friends.

Alex K.

Let me tell you about Dr. Law from someone who is petrified of dentists. You probably think I'm kidding, but it is true. My hands get clammy and my heart races just walking into the office. And then Dr. Law greets me and somehow makes things better. The last time I visited, I had to have 3 cavities replaced (they were very old). That involves shots. And I'm TERRIBLE with shots! To my great surprise, Dr. Law gives me the shots and it is like a small pinch as opposed to the pain I was expecting. Every step of the way she is asking if I'm okay. She tells me that I'm doing great. And trust me, when you are a big baby like I am, you need the encouragement! But then the best part was the note that came in the mail telling me she knew it was difficult for me and that I did great. To reward me, she gave me a gift certificate for a pound of See's Candies!! I know, sounds counter to what the dentist should do, but it wasn't. It was fantastic. Dr. Law is a very sensitive person. She is also very good at dentistry. I've been her patient for several years now and look forward to continuing to be her patient. Because the bottom line is, she is patient with her patients!!!

Betsy W.

Dr. Law made my dental visit painless and simple. Not only did she ask if I was okay periodically, but she was gentle and professional throughout my visit. Her staff is courteous, friendly, and attentive. I have no more fears of seeing the dentist, now that I have found Dr. Law.

I think the true success of Dentist is repeat patients. My whole family will be her patients throughout our lives. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family!

Darren L.

Ignoramus me thought having to return for an "adjustment" was a permanent part of getting a filling process. Then I got a Dr-Chi-filling and learned adjustments were only necessary when the doctor sucked at shaping the filling! Needless to say, no adjustment needed at all, my filling was so comfortable, I didn't have... to go back, and my old dentist sucked. Teeth cleanings are painless too! Dr. Chi is real conscientious with her work- thank you!

OH! She does great with kids too! Of course my 3-yr old doesn't like getting his teeth cleaned (even daily brushing is a challenge with him) but she gets the job done efficiently; like an old hat since she has young kids too!

Cindy L.

Dr. Law and Staff,

Thank you for giving my family, friends and myself the most amazing service! But I really want to thank you Doc and Jackie for making me feel like a friend and not just a patient.

P.S. I look forward to my next dentist appointment.

Shyla M.

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