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Newport Beach Dentist - Chi Tran Law, DMD - Bayside Dental Arts

At Bayside Dental Arts, our philosophy is to collaborate with our patients.

Our strongest fundamental is to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, unique to each patient.  We work with each patient's specific needs and requests to tailor a plan which is conducive to their needs and desires and, most importantly, to their schedules.

With each patient, we start by establishing a knowledge base with the current conditions of their mouth.  A comprehensive examination is performed which includes radiographs of the patients entire mouth, as well as a visual examination of the teeth and tissues surrounding and supporting them. Information about each patient's dental and medical history can be gathered as well, which will help ensure a safe and effective course of action.

Our first priority is to establish a plan to ensure proper dental hygiene and dental health.  Even with today's advances, nothing beats a strong, healthy set of one's own teeth.  One of Dr. Law's strongest beliefs is to help each patient understand, in layman's terms, what needs to be done to correct an ongoing problem and move forward to healthy maintenance of the teeth and gums.  Once sound dental health is achieved, Dr. Law can also work with patients to move from having healthy teeth to moving towards the ideal. Many options can be explored at this point, and Dr. Law can fully explain these options and how they may benefit each patient.  Not every option will work for all patients, and Dr. Law's expertise and experience will help guide these patients to the proper options which will work for them.

Like anything we do in life, flexibility is important.  We understand that situations can change, and treatment plans may need to be altered to ensure the results desired.  Some treatment plans may involve multiple procedures to complete, and for personal or financial reasons, it may take additional time to complete each step.  Dr. Law understands this intimately, having a family of four at home, and will work with each patient to develop stages in their unique treatment plan so that 'breaks' can be taken so each patient can go at a pace that suits them.  The options will always be there, but the level and quality of care will never be anything less than the best.

Finally, we understand that many patients may have had some tough experiences with their dental experiences earlier in life.  Dr. Law has learned many techniques that can help ease any anxiety any patient may have.
These techniques, coupled with her excellent dexterity have had all her patients raving about how gentle and painless their experiences with her have been.  Knowing that the dental care she provides is as pleasant as it is, and as effective as it is, many patients have done well to adhere to their treatment plans, and look forward to reaching their goals for their teeth and gums.

With a friendly and welcoming staff, Dr. Law and her team look forward to caring for you.

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